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4>> Walkthrough: N. 8-9

8> Preparation to start posture DIAMOND GOLD:                                                                                                                                                   After mounting and mating matrix, start the process as posture: Place the CAPIM the cage bottom, and inside the nest, put a little bit of grass, to encourage the male enter for the first time in the nest, it will attract the female into the nest, where the most often happens crossing or gala eggs.                                                                                                             Observe daily the grass in the cage bottom and never be without, in a few days the nest will be ready for female start your posture. If a female origin and good reference will lay their first egg in 7 to 15 days, around 5 eggs or more, if a bad female may take more than one month to lay their first egg, around 1 or more eggs, wait a 4 positions, if not improve your posture can be exchanged for another. When you have a bad posture or bird gala, exchange, or leave them to decorate or embellish an environment, and get a new female or male, this process is done to agent not miss the season of nesting.                                                                                                                                                                                                              diamante gold betim9> Home posture:                                                                                                                                                   You over time on a daily basis will know when the female will lay her first egg, just watch the female ovary size, that will be fine inçado and large, and the female’s tail feathers will be moving up and down and subtle. When the female lay their first egg must withdraw from the nest and put the plastic egg, because some diamonds can break the egg or play out of the nest. Save the eggs of diamonds around 3-5 days will depend on CLIMATE HOT OR COLD, put the eggs in the container with MILLET and not of birdseed that are sharp and can puncture the eggs. After long process put the eggs in the nest with manon number of matrices, Manons must be cuttlefish.                                                                                                     ovo de diamante gold NOTE: If you do not use the manon as parents adopted, u should watch the end of the female posture diamond and put back her eggs for her to incubation. Generally diamonds do not hatch in the first positions, you should wait about 5 days and make the candling of eggs, fertilized eggs leave the nest, if you remove all white imediamante all the eggs from the nest to the female start a new posture before your cuttlefish.                                                                     ovo de diamante goldAnother detail is to remove the eggs and part of the nest GRASS, this is for the male back to galar the eggs of the new position, remember to put the grass in the cage bottom. The GRASS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS FOR CREATING THE DIAMOND GOLD. (After years of testing on materials to make nests, I planted and began to use the emerald grass to foto1 foto2 not recommended).  ninho de diamante goldgrama esmeralda para ninhoovóscopia diamante goldLIKED OF MY TIPS ??? Any questions please leave a message below.

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