diamante gold

5>> Walkthrough: N.10-11

10> Gathering of the gold diamond eggs:                                                                                               Most diamonds females lay their eggs in the morning. Collect eggs from 10 am, marking all the eggs with the numbering of each matrix of diamonds, to maintain its good genetics of birds, use a common pencil n.2, careful not to drill the eggs.                                                          ovo de diamante gold leonardodiamante gold leonardoovo leonardo hanaokaAdd to recpiente with millet, if you have enough eggs diamond you can already put straight in the nest of namons, if storing for other days, you can leave the eggs lying as if inside the nest, do not need to leave the eggs diamond standing .      tirar os ovos dos manons                          ninho do manon   ovo no ninho leonardo hanaoka                                                                                                                                      11> Placing gold diamond eggs in the nest of Manons:                                                                            After the gathering of diamond eggs, you will choose the Manons that are warming their eggs or plastic eggs, and make the exchange of eggs by placing up to 6 eggs diamond maximum in each nest.                                                                         diamante gold leonardoovo de diamante gold hanaokaNOTE: For you know how to make egg test, only you put the egg between the nose and the mouth, you will realize that the egg’s hot or cold. Another important detail is observed when a female diamond does not lay its egg in the morning, can be crossed with the egg, it is in the cage bottom or bundled.                                               LIKED TIPS ??? Questions leave a message below.            Soon more ….

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