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7>> Walkthrough: 14-15

14> Separation of puppies of diamonds:
After the diamonds puppies completing around 50 days of life they can be separated from their parents, will depend on the development of each puppy.                                                 diamante goldFor the beginner this creation will be very difficult to know or realize the right time to separate the offspring of parents, a very important tip is to observe if the chicks are peeling and eating the seeds alone, for some who still can not peel the seeds and you separate from their parents, can not survive, and for the layman or novice will find that they are sick and they actually are starving, they are sad and that leads to death, you should note this detail in 1 day, if not peel the seeds alone you should go back to the puppies to the cage of the parents.                                                                                                                                                                                                             15> Special Care puppies:                                                                                                                                To preserve a good genetics of mainly gold diamond birds, should put the chicks in big cages or flying to the numbering of each matrix of diamonds.                                                                                                      diamante goldTake a good Farinhada the cc-2030, and other megazoon, calcium and phosphate over the eggshell can not miss.                  cálcio e fosfato para diamante gold    calcio para diamante goldOnce accustomed to the new environment gives bath and sun if needed use hose bath after the sun warming when they are opening the nozzle, remembers 2 straight hours of hot sun in summer can kill the diamond, (at the beginning of my creation this fact has happened to me, died a few diamonds in a few hours of carelessness and lack of attention).                 diamante gold   Apply the anthelmintic, ivermectin, vitamins and supplements if necessary.                                                                                           
diamante gold
diamante gold
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