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8>> Walkthrough: 16-17-18

16> Pen Exchange:                                                                                                                                                                  At the time of changes to improve the diet with a good Farinhada with more protein and if you need can give vitamins or amino acids in drops into the trough. Protect the diamonds from cold winds and not let sleep in air stream, avoid stress as: animals, noises, etc., because the diamond can die of sudden death (fact already occurred in my breeding), put the right amount of diamonds each cage or gaiolão to avoid fights and the loss of feathers.                                                                                                              diamante gold troca de pena17> Diseases, treatments and medication:                                                                                      If you want to know the right name of the disease and the right medicine to be used in some diseases, you must do the stool test or a dead bird in a specialized laboratory, which usually agent not is in our city, so we end up buying several drugs that do not help at all only spent and wasted time.                                                          MY CONCLUSION: At the beginning of my creation with the illness and death in my nursery, I bought and used many medications that did not solve anything, one of them were the ALLAX, ENRO-FLEX etc., so I decided to hire a veterinarian who spent some remedies stronger and injection that was Terramycin and GENTAMICIN, had a better result, but with the creation time find that most of the deaths of diamonds was because of SPLASHING, MITE and LOUSE inside the nest. At that time there was no one and no Internet to give more details on how to treat these disorders, so I myself was take the tests in my birds killed and several more in the end everything worked out for healing, today I am going my tips that are UNFAILING for success in the creation of this kind, the more you can make new tests with other current methods ok.                                   diamante espirro18> disease that ends the creation, and what else happens in creating the gold diamond is the SPLASHING (mite in the trachea), and the lack of punishment in the head and body (parasite):                                                                                                                                                             The SPLASHING not be treated as soon as possible takes the bird to death and ends with all creation, and if others around trasmiti by air, took the test and got the first drop in diamond nozzle corner and healing comes within 24 hours and if you need to give more drop in 3 days.diamante gold espirrodiamante espirroCAUTION above 2 drops can kill the bird, and if you happen to u gives overdose, the bird will stay in Agumas hours dizzy and weak in the cage bottom and go to death, you should immediately take the bird and moisturize the nozzle chip or ORS, to try to save ok.                         The drug is used to ivermectin used in this treatment, there is still no bird to this drug is of large animal use. At the beginning of my creation I had heard and beautiful about this medicine, no one taught how to make sure I had a lot of loss in my tests, but now I’m posting for all the right dosage for you not to lose too much time and have many deaths in its creation. Now with my statement here on my website, you can if they want to practice this method with their birds because talves you had heard and gorgeous on the internet about SPLASHING, most did not take seriously this treatment and did not practice for lack of time or laziness, now you can practice without fear.diamante gold careca The lack of worth in diamond is a parasite eating feathers and sucks the blood of birds, and leaves the diamond without feathers on the body, usually begins in the mind, and if you do not treat the bird is anemic, adoençe and dies. My method has the cure in 2 or 3 applications baths with disinfectant to kill parasites, I think that in Brazil nobody practice this method because for the layman or novice or veteran is very difficult to know how to do it right, I did the test and it worked is effective, more needs to be undertaken with great caution and detail, as in cold weather you can kill the bird. If you are applying and any additional questions, take before your question.                                                                                     diamante espirrodiamante banhodiamante gold espirrodiamante leonardo hanaokadiamante espirrodiamante leonardo hanaokaIn YOUTUBE put the videos of medicines for definitive cure of these diseases, if anyone has any questions leave a message below.

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  1. Boa noite leonardo,comprei o medicamento ivomectina apliquei a primeira gota e nada passou 3 dias apliquei mais uma gota e nada ,deixo eles no quarto com luz ,na gaiola que a femea esta eu cubro com uma blusa de frio para aquece-la e nada sera q eu estou fazendo alguma coisa de errado..

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