9>> Walkthrough: 19-20

19> How to prevent to prevent diseases and parasites in the nursery:                                                                                                                                                         I’ll post here my method which I used in my breeding because all I heard creators and read on the internet was too much work, too little speech and important tip, I then decided to simplify because I had more than 1,500 birds and not have time to run all heard and read, I only used some details in my creation as:                          1> Make the quarantine of birds.                                                        2> Cleaning all the accessories that are within the breeding  eg cage, nest, etc. fan                                                                                    3> Provide good quality feeds.                                                              4. Clean water with little chlorine.                                                    5> Bathing in all birds.                                                                                6> Before handling the eggs wash your hands.                          7> Renew the air inside the nursery.                                                8> Cleaning the walls and floor.                                                          9> Finally disinfect using a disinfectant with water or a damp cloth.                             diamante gold                             diamante gold matrizes gaiola para diamante gold20> How to form a new headquarters for next year:                                                                   I put the chicks in big cages numbered by number of diamond dies after the first exchange of pen chose the best birds already facing, and placed in individual cages giving the numbering of the parents. To create the genetic diamond is very important, more than in other species that could live long, in tanks or cages that does not preserve their genetic, because the diamond adoençe very easy and requires a higher resistance in their genetics, so that practically there are not many diamond makers in Brazil, most are backyard breeders who does not use genetic in its creation and with that your birds have fewer values and are not good breeding and eventually the creation ends. Some items above has been well explained above, if it lacks something I’ll post soon.       diamante gould leonardo NOTE: Even with prevention, can appear any disease or parasite in their breeding, disease and treatment I’ve posted here or there on YOUTUBE.                                               Any questions leave a message below, answer soon

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