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10>>Walkthrough: 21-22-23

21> How to get 100% profit on the sale of gold diamond:                                                                                                                                                                            If you are creating the gold diamond to trade, and want to earn around 100% profit, most do not know how to do the calculation, you should sell the puppies before complete the first changes around 6 months of life, if you keep the kittens already turned around one year in rearing them, profit fell to around 50%, as each puppy face gives you a monthly spending around of 3.00, and usually no one does this annual worksheet, you just write down all of their annual breeding spending on notebook as accessories, food, medicine, water, electricity, etc., without their labor, arriving in end of the year you do the annual review of all spending, and you divide the total amount for each bird rearing them, with the balance made you can already determine the final value of each bird to be sold next year.  diamante gold no ninho 22> How customer loyalty: My tip is:                                                                                                           Provide birds with a good genetics, created in individual cages and all numbered. Skip all true information about creating. And never try to cheat their customers as a good disclosure will you make your final propaganda.                                                                                             NOTE: I sold ALL MY BIRDS FOR ALL MINE GENERAL AND SOME STATES AS SC, SP and RJ, and I sent the birds to customers all withdrew at my house, and it was through the dissemination via the Internet and contact by phone and email.  diamante gold leonardo hanaoka 23> What is the difference of PROFESSIONAL Creator and the Creator BACKYARD BACKGROUND:                                                                                                  The professional designer creates his birds preserving the genetics of birds, while the backyard breeder creates his birds without genetic control and usually in colonies.                                 diamante goldNOTICE: Here is my tips, the more you can do other if they see fit for their creation. ALL THAT AND I WILL POST posted THIS SITE IS TO HELP YOU NOT lose a lot TESTING TIME DOING NOT BRING VERY RESULT, and most of these tests you will find on the internet, pet shop owners, or backyard breeders.

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