1>>How to Create Gold Diamond – Walkthrough: n.1-2

1> Set the location to create the GOLD DIAMOND:                                 If you will build a place to create, it should be noted: The sun, as the summer DIRECT 2 hours of hot sun kills the diamond (THESE DEATHS ALREADY HAPPENED IN MY breeding) put air inlet and outlet at the bottom and at the top of the nursery walls to air exchange to prevent disease. If you already have the site ready for the creation of birds, make some changes if necessary for the welfare of gold diamond.     diamante gold                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 2> For the accessories: Cage:                                                                              Buy with grid on the bottom to protect the gold diamond against the stool (If you do not have this protection in the background, sure DIAMOND GOLD with over time dies, it is a bird that eats its very feces, was observed by me).    gaiolas para criação de diamante gold                                                                                                                             Nest: Buy those that is easy to maintain cleaning, and if you buy the same nest to my use CARPET inside, and leave well FIRM.                                                                                                   ovos de diamante goldWater cooler: Buy drinkers in lighter shades, it is easier to observe the dirt because the dirty water transmit diseases, use a toothbrush to clean the water cooler.                                                       bebedouro para diamante goldNOTICE: All articles written on my website has been improved, discovered and practiced by me for several years in my nursery, you lovers of birds are also free to make their experience and test for new discoveries or improvements in its creation.                                                                           NOTE: In my nursery 4,000 eggs gold diamond I took around 400 puppies a year, and you can improve that balance in their breeding ok.                                                        GOOD LUCK TO ALL. Who liked the tips CURTI there and SHARE the link with your friends, soon more tips …… LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE BELOW I RESPOND SOON.                          


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