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I will teach you step by step how to create one of the most beautiful and colorful birds PLANET EARTH GOLD DIAMOND.                                                                                                            gaiola para diamante goldI was the creator of DIAMOND GOLD 1993 to 2014. I will teach to the laity, beginners or even for other creators who want to create this kind. cage diamond goldVou teach step by step everything I’ve learned in over 20 years in the making. It took around 5 years to learn the theory and practice of how to create the diamond gold at the beginning of my creation I had a lot of prejudice and almost gave up creating more after a new attempt with some changes started to take 400 for puppies year, this annual review took place by the end of my creation in 2014. leonardo hanaoka FINAL CONCLUSION: With the tips and important information that I’ll go for those interested, you will not waste so much time to learn how to create diamonds, and less loss in this creation, will be very simple tips to do, and these past information will be very important for SUCCESS in this creation, or even other species. (Note: See the introduction and the walkthrough in the next articles in this site.)                                          como criar diamante gold  CAUTION: Many CREATORS are dishonest and not properly PASS their SECRETS its CREATION for its COMPETITORS, this is proven by me, as happened for several years.                                                                                          NOTE: I will teach the next articles STEP to STEP n.1 to 23, how to create the gold diamond.                 *** See more recommendations in my videos, please visit:   http://www.youtube.com/c/LeonardoHanaoka?sub_confirmation=1



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Como criar diamante gold