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Important Precautions for the creation of gold diamond, what you should not do, check out my tips below:                                                                                                                                                           1> Cage: Do not let the rest of old food, dirt and  accumulation of feces.                                                                                2> Nest: Do not leave the nest with wet feces, do not put  parakeet nest or closed nest to hatch diamond.                        3> Trough: Do not fail to watch the water as hot water in  the summer, do not leave without water or dirty water and  dirty water cooler.                                                                                        4> Feeder: Do not allow many days seed, to prevent  disease, do not let feces, and not dirty feeders.                         5> Perches: Do not put excess or lack of perch perch in the  cage or inappropriate perches, not leave accumulation of  feces.                                                                                                                      6> Farinhada: Do not buy improper, cheap or old  Farinhada.                                                                                                          7> Vegetable: Do not give vegetables that contain lots of  water, and that is not dirty, old or cold.                                           8> Do not miss the sand and let the egg shell.                             9> Do not put the acquired birds within their breeding.   10> Do not leave the sick bird together in the same cage of  healthy birds.                                                                                                 11> Do not leave objects, string or wire in the cage that can  hurt the birds.                                                                                              12> Do not leave excess dirt or dust inside the nursery.  13> Do not allow excess heat or cold inside the nursery. 14> Do not allow to change the air inside the nursery.      15> Do not let the diamonds in the cold air flow.                 16> Do not let too many people, and movements within the   nursery.                                                                                                             17> not stay cleaning and moving in excess offspring cages. 18> Do not stress diamonds.                                                               19> Do not put the diamond in wooden cage and without    the protection grid in the background.                                             20> not fail to observe the daily life of diamonds.                                                                                                                                                                               leonardo hanaokamanonsdiamante gould leonardo hanaoka Note: The gold diamond always need a little more attention with respect to other birds, it is one of the most difficult to create. More than 20 years of creation, there’s no way I remember all the details now, so remember any tips I’ll post on this site.

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