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ManonsHere are some tips to know the sex of Manons and because I used 3 Manons in each cage:                                                                                                                                                                           At the beginning of my creation I wore a Manons double in each cage to shock the diamond eggs, and during the annual hatching season died manon one, and it was very difficult to treat and one manon of 5 diamond puppies, and if you put a new manon in the same cage the other did not accept their presence, then next season of shocks I decided to put 3 Manons in each cage and when he died was left 1 2 Manons for the season of annual clashes, and the diamond puppies were well cared for and nourished.                       manonsNOTE: For you to know if a bird is male is only 1 manon you put in a separate cage for 3 days, and then put another manon in the same cage, if the first manon SING is male, if after a few minutes singing can not be a female, if you still have doubt repeat the procedure.                                            NOTE: If you have many birds and want to know the sex of each manon, place one by one in separate cages doing the above procedure.                                                                                    Note: You can also go on a paper noting the Manons males for example, details of the colors of the feathers on their heads, necks, wings, breasts, tails or any body of Manons because the COMMON Manons are almost all equal in their plumage and doing this procedure will help in future identification of each MALE FEMALE or manon, except for the Japanese Manons.                                                                         manonmanon comummanonLiked my tips ??? soon post more …….

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