3>>Walkthrough: N.6-7

6> Maintenance, hygiene and much NOTE within the nursery:                                                                                                                                                           Before you start creating or assembly of arrays, to clean and disinfect the place with a damp cloth or wash with disinfectant. The hygiene for any type of creation is very important, more most beginners and breeders do not know this detail and creates the gold diamond as if it were equal to the other species, where is one of the errors in this setting, and then comes the losses, and so most people end up with time giving up the creation of the diamond.                                                                                             diamante gold (At the beginning of my creation in my breeding I created all ornamental birds, and took very young of other species and never took cubs in lot of diamonds, and it was my dream and my goal, only after remove and sell more than 300 birds of other species of my breeding, and left only the Manons and diamonds, and acquire new headquarters of an honest creator, and with good hygiene started to succeed in my creation, after 6 years of great DEDICATION and NOTE).                                                                                                                  manonsTo create the gold diamond have to be very even more attention on hygiene, and that hygiene is differentiated with respect to other species, there must be more observation and maintenance on a daily basis as: Observe the dirty cage, nest, perch, water dispenser , feeder, seed etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   como criar diamante gold 7> Installation of arrays:                                                                                                                                                                                                             After purchasing the birds, cage, nest etc, and the hygiene and quarantine done, you can start to form matrices of diamonds, and Manons if using as foster parents or nanny. Here’s how:                                                                                                         1. Fix the cage in place, if the wall leaving a gap between the wall and the cage, as to prevent mold in the summer rainy season (Clean the mold to appear).                                        2- Place the accessories and food in the cage as, nest, water cooler, comendouro, eggshell, sand and Farinhada.  3- Put the cage diamond couple, choose the male who is singing and a full-bodied and beautiful female, and they have finished moulting, cut the nails if necessary and remove with a pincha the feathers of the wings that are broken, to have better gala and heating the eggs.                                                                                                                                                   cortar unha do passaro  Note: If using the Manons you have to encasalar them 15 days before the diamonds to match the start of diamond posture.                                                                                                         Note: The curved beak of birds are more resistant to disease than soft beak of birds. If anyone has some difficulties or questions, how to make sure any procedures above in more detail, , I answer soon).just leave the comment belowCRIAÇÃO DE DIAMANTE GOLD

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