diamante gold

6>> Walkthrough: 12-13

12> Birth of gold diamond puppies:                                                                                                      puppies The diamond gold most born 15 days if it lacks heating during incubation of the eggs may be born with 16 and 17 days.                                                               See the sizes of puppies after birth:                                                                                                        filhote de diamante goldfilhote de gold filhote diamante goldfilhote diamante diamante golddiamante gold tratandoPHOTO N.1– cub with one day of birth.                                 PHOTO N.2– Puppy 2 days of birth.                                       PHOTO N.3– cub with 12 days of birth.                               PHOTO N.4– puppy 15 days of birth.                                       PHOTO N.5– puppy 20 days of birth.                                   PHOTO N.6– cub with 24 days of life.                                                                                                                                                                                     13> Maintenance, hygiene and much NOTE within the                        nest:                                                                                                                                                                          limpeza do ninho      These are one of the most important factors in this creation, and that many people and bird breeders do not give much importance. It is necessary to keep clean the nest inside and observe the stool, this place is where it occurs most deaths of gold diamond puppies, which usually happens in the first week of life of the young. Observe the growth of the puppies is very important in this creation, verify that they are developing according to the above pictures, if the puppies are well skinny with small size, can be a disease or parasite, observe the feces are too soft, signal diaréia, and observe under the wings of the young parasite, may be the louse.                                                                                                                            diamante goldLiked my tips ??? Any questions please leave a message below.                                                        Soon we’ll post other more.

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